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Happy Thursday friends! I am just now getting back into the swing of things after a little trip to North Carolina this past weekend. My Christmas shopping is almost complete. I have a few more things to buy. If you are also late like me I wanted to do a little review of my Golden Goose Sneakers. Which I know some people love them and some people hate them. They are also a huge price tag which is not for everyone. However, those that are looking to splurge and get a pair I wanted to share my honest review and if I would buy them again.

How do they Fit?

First up, size is very important. These sneakers they come in European sizes. I went with my true size 8 which is a European size 38. Which I was able to find my size by going to my local Nordstrom store and trying them on. If you are not able to do that. On instagram shopfancydrew has a size chart and comparison to other shoes you may have in your closet. I have had mine for about 4 months and they do not seem to stretch so keep that in mind when finding your size.

Are they worth the Splurge?

I actually think they are. Since being a stay at home mom I wear sneakers more times than I can count on my hand. I also love that they are super versatile too and be worn with either a sweatshirt or even a sweater. I haven’t worn them with a dress or skirt but I have seen many people that do. So I feel like the cost per wear is pretty low. I found them to be super comfortable and do not rub in any way which is a huge plus with sneakers.

How to Choose the Right Style?

Which now that we have discussed fit I would like to talk about how to choose the right style for you. I chose the superstars and knew I wanted leopard. Which if you have looked online so many retailers sell them and so many styles to choose from as well. There are also a ton of sites that have discounted Golden Goose sneakers such as Cettire, and Saks off 5th. They do sell out quickly when discounted so just keep that in mind. Other retailers that may not have them discounted but sell them would be Revolve, Bloomingdales, and Nordstrom.

Another thing that most people do not know is that they had a hidden wedge in the insole, so they can actually elongate your legs which I find a plus. Which I am already searching for my next pair, I love the look of these glitter ones. What do you think would you buy a pair?

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