29..One more year until 30

 Happy Hump Day! Today is my birthday! So I thought I would be short and sweet in this post and share 29 things about me.

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 1. I dislike green beans..I know it is crazy! 
2. It may be no surprise to everyone but my favorite food is Mexican. I used to hate it when I was younger but now I absolutely love it.
3. I love mini golf.
4. I’ve never traveled out of North America. Only been to Mexico.
5. I would love to visit Greece.
6. My favorite go to vacation is the beach.
7. I’m the youngest sibling.
8. I dislike coffee unless it is flavored.
9. My favorite candy is sour patch kids
10. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
11. I absolutely love reality tv. (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is my favorite)
12. I hate flying.
13. My favorite color is blue ( hints the blog name )
14. I’m a huge snacker- chips or crackers are my weakness.
15. I love fruit.
16. My favorite cake flavor is pistachio ( it was our wedding cake flavor) They even make pistachio muffins and they are so tasty.
17. I am obsessed with halo top ice cream. I always have one or two flavors in our fridge at all times.
18. I’m very indecisive.
19. I’m a huge University of Kentucky Wildcats fan.
20. I hate horror films.
21. I really enjoy rap music.
22. If I had to choose between salty and sweet. I’d choose sweet.
23. I’m allergic to cats.
24. I’ve been parasailing and I loved it.
25. My favorite pizza is pineapple, cheese, and chicken.
26. I love to get manicures and pedicures.
27. I hate snakes, and spiders.
28. I love Chick-fil-a Diet lemondade.
29. I don’t like soft drinks.

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